The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

2019 has really shaped up to be the year of a million half-finished projects: I recorded a handful of Satan’s Basement guitars and drums, wrote and illustrated part of a comic book so far, and have a handful of other music/podcast related things just kind of in limbo at the moment…

But, I do have a new The Astronaut King album coming out May 29th, 2019!

The Astronaut King - Parasitic Overgrowth on Bandcamp

My friend Anthony says this is my best album yet, and it’s also probably my most dynamic, punk, and aggressive album yet.

What started out as a new single with vocals (for the first time in 10 years), became two more songs with vocals and 16 more instrumental tracks. This is actually the first time I’ve ever recorded a cover song, with a cover of YDI’s “Mad at the World” as the last track.

It’s moody and angry, but still the atmospheric, reverb/delay saturated, psychedelic spaghetti westerny style I’ve been building up to since 2007/8. Basically, I dunno how to describe my own music anymore, but you can check out two preview tracks now on Bandcamp.

Preorder now on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, or wherever you get your music.

Pre-save on Spotify and keep an eye out on other streaming platforms 5/29!

More info on physical formats coming soon, so follow The Astronaut King on Instagram!

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