Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency (10/30/19)

My excuse for my lack of new episodes and posts is that I’ve been working on a new Satan’s Basement album, Accused of Human Decency, for the last 7 months or so.

Today, I’m announcing the release date as October 30th, and releasing the preview single off the album: “Designed to Lose”

Accused of Human Decency is the follow up to last year’s album, Appeal to Your Denial, making more societal criticisms, addressing bigotry, police violence, capitalism/corporate greed, religious hate and ignorance, all covered in heavy riffs.

Go check it out now on Bandcamp and preorder the limited edition cassette, only 20 copies, from Hildsvfar Records.

Also, I’ve finally finished working on the first CrankPope album (which guitar/drums were recorded for in 2014), Solid States and Tiny Kicks.

And to a lesser extent, I’ve been working on my comic book and some other projects I’ve made very little progress on.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  More updates to come before the end of the year!

Go listen to Satan’s Basement!

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