New Music From October!

Two new notable releases out this week: Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency, and the debut self titled demo by Wolftread!

As anyone that regularly reads my twitter posts may know, the new Satan’s Basement album started as a new single in February, and eventually expanded into a full album 6 months later.

Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency

With art by my good friend Nick Pengiel , Accused of Human Decency is a sludgy death metal album with a few messages against bigotry, police violence, greed, and the ignorance that grows out of a complete lack of empathy.

It’s out now on cassette via Bandcamp, and streaming/download on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Google, or wherever else you get your music from! Or just listen below:

Wolftread also released their debut self-titled demo on Bandcamp and YouTube so far! Be the coolest kid in school and check out this 90’s black metal style demo from Tokyo!

Wolftread – Wolftread (demo 2019)

Distorted vocals and guitars bellowing with reverb saturated/huge sounding drums– check it out with the above links, or just click play below:

Lastly, there was a compilation released recently with an Astronaut King track on it, so check that out too!!

Here to Help comp

It’s a compilation aimed toward getting more people CPR and First Aid certified, and it’s free to download if you can prove you’ve gotten your certification. So stream it, share it, and get CPR/First Aid certified (Astronaut King track below)!

That’s all for now, go support all these artists so they can keep bringing you music!

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