Updates as of May 27, 2020

I’m realizing now that it’s been 6 months since I’ve posted anything to the site, and well over a year since I’ve done a new podcast, but… that’s life!

Christina and I haven’t completely lost our minds yet. I think.

Just last Friday, my friend Ben interviewed me for his new interview series on his Black Metal and Brews YouTube channel, you can watch it below or click here. (Also, support him on Patreon)!

We talk about the history of my music projects, Crouton makes a guest appearance, I play a little guitar, and we just have a fun time!

I’ve also been doing nightly livestreams on Instagram for The Astronaut King and backing them up on the Hildsvfar Records YouTube page for the last couple months since quarantine started. It’s been nice to connect with some people through the videos, but also has helped my sanity to just play guitar and see other people hop onto the streams.

I released a new EP for The Astronaut King in April called “Ruins of Ineptitude,” which is available for download and streaming through Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and whatever else people use anymore. Buy/stream it off Bandcamp!

You should also be excited to know that Tropical Pinefruits released their first full length in quite some time, and the lords of brimpcore deliver the album of the year! It’s the party album the masses need, it’s the good times we deserve, it’s the jams to spread on your toast! Check it out on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and again… whatever else is out there. It should be everywhere.

I also helped out on a remix track for Winters in Osaka recently, and it turned out pretty awesome! Adam asked me to help remix a recent Futureslum release as a tribute to their friend Erik, you can read more and hear it on Bandcamp. Proceeds are going to AFSP.

I also put together this video for Adam’s one man hardcore band, Inverted:

I also started working on a new Satan’s Basement album, but it’s probably going to be a work in progress for a while. I guess I could be doing more, I’m just trying really hard to keep things together right now.

As for physical releases, I think it might be a while until I start making new cassette releases. I’ve run out of my stock of good quality blank tapes, my tape decks are all acting up in different ways, and I just would rather avoid doing too many trips out to mail out packages at the moment. I’ll get back to it eventually, just… probably not anytime soon.

I hope everyone’s staying safe and doing okay, one thing that has really kept me going is the support, generosity, and love of my friends and family. Also, lots of tapes, records, and CDs.

Also, don’t forget — Bandcamp is waiving their fees on June 5th and July 3rd, so if you’d like to buy one of my releases (I’m going to probably be a little short on money in June), those would be EXCELLENT times to buy some of my releases (Hildsvfar Records, Satan’s Basement, The Astronaut King, DJ Fartbot)!
Plus, my birthday is coming up, so… you’ll get the present of my music, I’ll get a present of your money! Everyone wins!

Anyway, that’s all I have for the time being. I have more stuff “in the works,” but nothing done enough to post about… unless I’m forgetting something. That’s very possible, I’m having a lot of trouble remembering just about anything lately.

Hopefully I’ll see you all soon, take care!

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