New Releases Coming Soon!

I’m extremely excited to announce two new releases recorded, mixed, and mastered in The Unrefined Jagoff Studios!

Announced earlier this week is a new album from Wolftread, “Wings of the Ravaged,” coming soon to cassette/digital from Bad Moon Rising. Fans of Mysticum, Sabbat, Devil Master, and Satyricon will definitely enjoy this discordant, distorted, yet triumphantly beautiful journey of a black metal/punk album!

Hear a preview on Bandcamp of “Crowned:”

Coming July 2nd from Hildsvfar Records, a new full length The Astronaut King album with phenomenal artwork by Nick Pengiel, who did the artwork for the last two Satan’s Basement albums!

No Savior from the Sky” is the newest psychedelic space ambient doom spaghetti western whatever-else-pretentiously long-genre chapter in the last 14 years of Astronaut King space exploration, and I’m really excited for people to hear the title track–but that will have to wait until July 2nd!

Hear the first track, “Joyless Happenstance,” now on Bandcamp:

2021 has had a lot of negatives, so hopefully these two new tracks will give you a little bit of excitement! Hope you’re all doing well and hopefully I’ll post more regular updates at some point.

Until then, go support your favorite artists, they could use it!

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