Good Boy, Best Boy

On October 20, 2018, we brought the fuzzy little love of our lives, Crouton, into our house for the first time. Christina found him through Almost Home Foundation in Schaumburg, who said he was found as a stray in Alabama, I knew we had to have him as soon as I saw his face. We had no idea how old he was, what breed, or any of his history, but as soon as we brought him home he immediately claimed his place on the bed and in our hearts. It always felt like he was meant to be our dog, I even had the thought recently that maybe he could have been born around the time Christina and I first met and just made his way up here once we were ready, our house just feels like it’s his house.
On February 8th, 2022, we had to say goodbye to our best little boy. He had tracheal collapse and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart in July, but his strength and love kept him with us through the holidays and it felt like he was doing so much to keep us happy.
You’ll always be loved, Crouton, everyone that ever met you will never forget you. Every day you made us smile, gave us a reason to laugh, and helped us push through a lot of difficult times.
Rest in peace my little buddy, my goofy little boy, I miss you so much.
Love you always, Crouton.

I recorded an album in his honor and memory called “Good Boy, Best Boy” and Christina and I collectively named all the tracks together. It’s set as “name your price” on Bandcamp:

All proceeds from this album will be donated to Almost Home Foundation, feel free to donate directly if you’re able to:

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