Tropical Pinefruits Delete Twitter Account After 12+ Years

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, premiere brimpcore band Tropical Pinefruits, have deleted their Twitter account. Tropical Pinefruits joined Twitter almost 13 years ago, and their impact on society can’t be understated.

I guess they were serious.

We reached out to their flute player, Djroef, for comment, but he did not wish to speak. At all.

We were redirected to Steve Roberts, who had this to say about their departure from the platform: “WE NO LIKE R DATA LEAK BY LONG MUSTARDS, HE RELLY RUIN A GOOD THING WE HAS HERE. WE USE TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT, DRINK DRINK JUICE, PARTY, POST R FUN, BUT NOW NO ONE PARTY. SAD INTERNERNET!”

Tropical Pinefruits have gained quite the following in the past decade, their Twitter account was followed by celebrities like Maria Shriver, and Penguin Books! This seems to be in part because their account was hacked sometime in 2015 and followed/following hundreds of random accounts before they fixed it in 2018, but that can’t be the only reason… right?

We asked Steve why all the tweets are in all caps all the time, seemingly starting in 2011, and his explanation was “WE USE A PENDULUM 2 PROSESSOR AN THE KEYBORT BROKE BUT IT STILL PLAY CHEX QUEST LIEK A DREEM!”

We asked them the question everyone’s wondering, where are they from? “R U SERIUS? YAHOO SERIUSXM?? WE R FROM OMAHAH NASBRASKA! DINT U REED ARE MYSPACE?” I remain unconvinced, but the alternate answer doesn’t seem to be much better:

For a band with zero endorsement or brand awareness at all, they seemed to interact heavily with big companies to either complain, get endorsements, or have a meal named after them (although unsuccessful in all attempts). When asked why, Steve shrugged and wiped his nose on my couch.

One thing I think the world will be lacking is their unsolicited advice, memes, and words of wisdom, where will we get them from now?

I understand they’ve also been very busy the last few years with their first full length in years, We Am Go To Party, as well as several singles, and a track on Strange & Unusual Sounds vol. 4 compilation, so I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on their Instagram and TikTok accounts to see what comes next. Hopefully not anything similar to what happened after this tweet:

Ominous prediction or coincidence?

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