The Unrefined Jagoff’s 2022 Year End Albums List

It’s been a rough year. A lot of good, a lot of bad, but I won’t get into any of it, because today I’m posting my “albums of 2022.”

Didn’t say “best of,” because honestly I’ve spent a good chunk of this year listening to Masayoshi Takanaka live videos and other non-2022 releases on YouTube, so I’ve most likely missed a lot of new music this year.

This is mostly a list of albums that I bought off Bandcamp, came out this year, and I very much enjoyed. I’m probably still forgetting a handful, but like I said: 🤷‍♂️.

A list of each with links:

Meat Wave Malign Hex
SnuffedCoping Human Waste
Unholy StrengthTomes of Heavens Apocalypse
Man…of ASTRO-Man? Distant Pulsar
Polterwytch5 Curses of the Polterorgel
Ripped to Shreds劇變 (Jubian)
Dark WatcherFrontier
Pleasure VenomRebirth/Return
Devil MasterEcstasies of Never Ending Night
BlacklistersLeisure Centre

There’s also a handful of my favorites that I only got digital copies of (for one reason or another), here’s some big highlights for 2022:

If you haven’t checked out SWAZÖND yet, do yourself a favor and go listen to Cursed Inheritance. Absolutely a contender for AOTY for me.

Don’t see your favorite album of 2022 on this list? It’s because I don’t own it, okay!?

I hope that you all have a great holiday season, an even better 2023, and that you found some new music to enjoy today!

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