“Ian’s Earworms” Monthly Playlists

Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping 2023 treats us all well (and hopefully better than the last 3 years)!

At some point of 2021 (I guess June), I started making YouTube playlists from the Hildsvfar Records page with the intention of both sharing what songs had been stuck in my head each month… and to keep myself from forgetting songs I want to come back to.

Here’s December 2022:

Check out all the previous monthly playlists from 2021-2022:



Follow the Hildsvfar Records YouTube page to see a new playlist at the beginning of each month of all the songs I had stuck in my head the previous month! If you’re expecting anything specific genre-wise… don’t. My brain doesn’t work that way.

Hopefully you’ll discover something new/old that you like. I’m about 90% sure I’ve mostly been making them for myself and that no one actually looks at them, but 🤷‍♂️.

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