February’s Playlist and Reading

February was… something. I mean, is February every really that great?

Anyway, here’s my stack of books I read in February:

Surprisingly, only the top two are ones I bought more than a year ago. The rest of them I think only had to sit on a shelf for a maximum of a few months before I actually got around to reading them. That’s an improvement!

This month’s playlist could have very well been the new Daikaiju album in its entirety, but I was also listening to a ton of The Chasm and whatever else.
This is why I started the playlists, I’m starting to forget everything.
It’s a good mix this month, though, check it out:

I lost count of how many times I listened to the new Daikaiju album already.

There’s also two more tracks up for preview for the upcoming (in less than two weeks!!) split between The Astronaut King and Jank Hambrams!

That’s all I have for right now, I’m probably forgetting something, but if it’s important you’ll find out some way or another.

Have a great March!

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