March’s Playlist and Reading

Is anyone reading or listening to these? Either way, I’m keeping it going.

Here’s this month’s reading:

I went to the library at the beginning of March and might have grabbed a lot more than I’m capable of finishing before they’re all due, but I’ve made it through a few books so far.

I started reading Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti series, but I only got through about one and a half of them, so I didn’t feel like putting it on the stack like “THIS IS WHERE I GOT TO” with an arrow leading to the bookmark or something.

Maybe I was being too ambitious, I dunno!

My listening for March was very heavily dominated by Speedy Ortiz for a while. I was really into them at the beginning of 2020 and hadn’t listened to them much since the pandemic started, but something reminded me of one of their songs and I was back on a kick for like two weeks. The rest was mostly Japanese rock, metal, and jazz fusion bands with whatever else mixed in.

Hope you enjoy the mix!

Not many people seem to have come across El Revengo before, but all that’s ever been out there is a demo that I downloaded in the MySpace days and listened to hundreds of times.

Notable news: Jank Hambrams and The Astronaut King split finally came out! It’s set to name your price, we really just want people listening and enjoying it, but there’s also CD copies available through Hildsvfar Records.

Check it out!

Also recently started a new job, so my brain is scrambled from March, here’s to hoping for a good April for everyone!

See you next month, unless I think of something to post in the meantime!

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