2018 – A Big Year for Hildsvfar Records!

2018 has been a productive year!
For all of you out there making your Top 10 albums lists for 2018 already, check out the four albums I released this year and consider adding them to your list!
Go listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Google… whatever you kids are using these days!

Satan's Basement - Appeal to Your Denial

Satan’s Basement – Appeal to Your Denial
Bandcamp (digital/cassette) – Spotify – iTunes – Amazon

Satan's Basement - The Pit of Loneliness

Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness 
Bandcamp – Spotify – iTunes – Amazon

The Astronaut King - Divide By Zero Tolerance

The Astronaut King – Divide By Zero Tolerance 
Bandcamp – Spotify – iTunes – Amazon

Now That's What I Call JAGOFF! Vol. 2018

(various artists) – Now That’s What I Call JAGOFF! Vol. 2018
Bandcamp (FREE TO DOWNLOAD, only available on Bandcamp)

Here’s to hoping I can keep this up in 2019!

Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness

Do you crave more Satan’s Basement?

Do you have an insatiable taste for evil music?

Do you want a large assortment of both those things AND an evil Christmas song??

Well, go download the newest collection of Satan’s Basement songs, “The Pit of Loneliness,” from Bandcamp (or iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)!

It’s a collection of demos, splits, compilations, and unreleased tracks from the last 11 years in between Cerebral Apocalypse (2007) and Appeal to Your Denial (2018), not including the Corporate Manufactured Purgatory EP.

Now I can be on your Top Ten albums list TWICE this year!

Go buy it.

Just in time for the Holidays, listen to a giant collection of stuff I’ve done in the last 11 years, INCLUDING MY CHRISTMAS CLASSIC!
Go download, share with your friends, whatever you wanna do!
Available on all other streaming platforms tomorrow, Bandcamp NOW!!
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