Cerebral Agitation – Mike Miller

My buddy Mike Miller just sent me a copy of his new comic, “Cerebral Agitation,” and you should go check out his art! He’s done album covers for tons of Illinois bands over the years like Bongripper, Sick/Tired, and for the Satan’s Basement/The Baptism split (which is also him). Get in touch with him on… Continue reading Cerebral Agitation – Mike Miller

Just hung up this @rich_hall artwork last night!
The new tiny studio is finally coming together, now that I have the art for my newest Satan’s Basement album on the wall!
Sure, the frame I bought is cheap, and I think I hung it a little crooked, but it looks pretty damn good up there!
Also, I still have copies of the tape, so go buy one at satansbasement.com !
And go buy some art from Rich!!

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Satan’s Basement- Appeal to Your Denial is coming June 20th!
Awesome cover art by @rich_hall just came in and I’m working around with it for the cassette cards right now!
Coming soon to Amazon/iTunes, and Spotify 6/20.

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