Preview – The Long Babies of BabyLongia!

I’ve kept my creation a secret for too long. The Long Babies of BabyLongia are a tribe of babies on the Island of BabyLongia that… have baby heads and torsos, but really long arms and legs. They’re mighty adventurers, warriors of justice, and weird looking babies. This comic chronicles their journeys. I have my first… Continue reading Preview – The Long Babies of BabyLongia!

Cerebral Agitation – Mike Miller

My buddy Mike Miller just sent me a copy of his new comic, “Cerebral Agitation,” and you should go check out his art! He’s done album covers for tons of Illinois bands over the years like Bongripper, Sick/Tired, and for the Satan’s Basement/The Baptism split (which is also him). Get in touch with him on… Continue reading Cerebral Agitation – Mike Miller

Timmy and The Acid Bath

“Timmy and the Acid Bath” was a children’s book I started and never finished in high school.
The assignment was to make a kid’s book, I started with this, and quickly switched to another story to avoid getting in trouble… again.
After my haiku “Napalm Factory” and poems about pooping, I was trying to avoid being sent to the guidance counselor.
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