2018 – A Big Year for Hildsvfar Records!

2018 has been a productive year!For all of you out there making your Top 10 albums lists for 2018 already, check out the four albums I released this year and consider adding them to your list!Go listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Google… whatever you kids are using these days! Satan’s Basement – Appeal to Your… Continue reading 2018 – A Big Year for Hildsvfar Records!

Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness

Do you crave more Satan’s Basement? Do you have an insatiable taste for evil music? Do you want a large assortment of both those things AND an evil Christmas song?? Well, go download the newest collection of Satan’s Basement songs, “The Pit of Loneliness,” from Bandcamp (or iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)! It’s a collection of… Continue reading Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness

Just in time for the Holidays, listen to a giant collection of stuff I’ve done in the last 11 years, INCLUDING MY CHRISTMAS CLASSIC!
Go download, share with your friends, whatever you wanna do!
Available on all other streaming platforms tomorrow, Bandcamp NOW!!
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Coming 12/05/18 to all streaming platforms: Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness: 2007-2018! It’s a collection of splits, singles, and demos recorded between the release of Cerebral Apocalypse (2007), and Appeal to Your Denial (2018).
It’s full of tracks that either never received a proper release, were only on splits, or just never ended up anywhere.
The cover is an over-processed picture of a gross water fountain from my old job that always had a dead spider dangling above it!

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Just hung up this @rich_hall artwork last night!
The new tiny studio is finally coming together, now that I have the art for my newest Satan’s Basement album on the wall!
Sure, the frame I bought is cheap, and I think I hung it a little crooked, but it looks pretty damn good up there!
Also, I still have copies of the tape, so go buy one at satansbasement.com !
And go buy some art from Rich!!

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Well… I’m taking a short breather now.
It’s been a busy year, but in the last month or so I’ve released two new full length albums, a compilation, and a half assed improvised episode of my podcast!
Download/stream/buy them all!!
•Satan’s Basement- Appeal to Your Denial
(Limited edition cassette/download/streaming everywhere)
•The Astronaut King – Divide By Zero Tolerance
(Download/streaming everywhere)
•Now That’s What I Call Jagoff! Vol. 2018
(Only available on Bandcamp FOR FREE)
•The Unrefined Jagoff – Hiatus Episode
(Spotify/iTunes/Wherever you get your podcasts)


Thanks again to @rich_hall for the killer artwork for Appeal to Your Denial!

I’ll still be active on here, I just won’t have much new stuff to listen to for the next couple of months probably.

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