One of my biggest influences for the last The Astronaut King album was definitely Once Upon a Time in the West for two reasons:
1. This riff
2. Charles Bronson
Spaghetti western soundtracks in general influenced a lot of my Astronaut King stuff.
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2018 has been exhausting.
Between moving into and fixing up our house, getting Crouton, trying to put together my studio, releasing these four albums, and whatever else I’m forgetting, I’m exhausted.
New episodes will resume in 2019 once I’m able to write one!
I have some content, I just haven’t been able to put it all together.
Go stream/download these albums and help me both get some attention and hopefully a few bucks to fund future projects and episodes!
Come on!
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Well, it’s that time. I just wrote up my top albums of 2018, go check out The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top Albums of 2018 on my new and improved website (link in bio)!

Go check it out, maybe you’ll agree, maybe you’ll disagree, maybe you won’t know what anything is!

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The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top Albums of 2018

The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top Albums of 2018 With December winding down, I figured it’s time to share my top albums for 2018 (no, I did not include any of my own albums). Most people do a top 10, but I can’t narrow my list to less than 15, so you get 5 bonus albums AT NO ADDITIONAL… Continue reading The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top Albums of 2018