The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

2019 has really shaped up to be the year of a million half-finished projects: I recorded a handful of Satan’s Basement guitars and drums, wrote and illustrated part of a comic book so far, and have a handful of other music/podcast related things just kind of in limbo at the moment… But, I do have… Continue reading The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

New The Astronaut King coming soon

COMING EARTH DAY (April 22): New The Astronaut King single/preview track “Parasitic Overgrowth,” off the new album that’s in the works. It’s an angry one, a very angry one. There’s one more song on the new album with vocals that’s a real downer. The rest are instrumental.


One of my biggest influences for the last The Astronaut King album was definitely Once Upon a Time in the West for two reasons:
1. This riff
2. Charles Bronson
Spaghetti western soundtracks in general influenced a lot of my Astronaut King stuff.
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