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Episode 14 – AirHeads and Chicken Fists
Marking one year of Jagoffery, this episode is all about my first retail jobs, the idiots I encountered, stupid coworkers, and the grossness of grocery stores.
(Stick around for some new Satan’s Basement at the end).

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It’s 2018 and I’m back!
Here’s a preview of the post-credits song “The Legend of Puke Tree” for Episode 12 – Puke Tree.
After many requests from my brother, this episode has a few stories about him, and I tell all about my The Astronaut King concerts during college.
It’s an interesting one!
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Episode 9 – HORRIFIED Jagoff
is out NOW!
Go listen, it’s a bonus Halloween episode! It’s some improvised stories involving Halloween things.
Here’s some pictures of Daniel and my bad Halloween costumes from when we were teenagers.
First one is me as Gillian Seed from Snatcher for Sega CD (yeah, no idea why I thought that was gonna make sense) and Daniel in a ghillie suit.
The other two are from when I was Snake Plissken (but looked more like bad Charles Bronson) and Daniel was like Joe Dirt or something.
Anyway, listen to the new episode!

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