2018 has been exhausting.
Between moving into and fixing up our house, getting Crouton, trying to put together my studio, releasing these four albums, and whatever else I’m forgetting, I’m exhausted.
New episodes will resume in 2019 once I’m able to write one!
I have some content, I just haven’t been able to put it all together.
Go stream/download these albums and help me both get some attention and hopefully a few bucks to fund future projects and episodes!
Come on!
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Well… I’m taking a short breather now.
It’s been a busy year, but in the last month or so I’ve released two new full length albums, a compilation, and a half assed improvised episode of my podcast!
Download/stream/buy them all!!
•Satan’s Basement- Appeal to Your Denial
(Limited edition cassette/download/streaming everywhere)
•The Astronaut King – Divide By Zero Tolerance
(Download/streaming everywhere)
•Now That’s What I Call Jagoff! Vol. 2018
(Only available on Bandcamp FOR FREE)
•The Unrefined Jagoff – Hiatus Episode
(Spotify/iTunes/Wherever you get your podcasts)


Thanks again to @rich_hall for the killer artwork for Appeal to Your Denial!

I’ll still be active on here, I just won’t have much new stuff to listen to for the next couple of months probably.

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So… I made business cards with @vistaprint because I thought it’d be a good idea in case I talk to anyone at @c2e2 on Friday.
Let’s be real, though.
I’ll probably come home with the same amount I left with.
Anyway, hope I run into some of you 4/6 at C2E2 so we can discuss how good The Fix and Curse Words are.
I’m only going Friday because I’m poor.
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New episode is up NOW!
Episode 14 – AirHeads and Chicken Fists
Marking one year of Jagoffery, this episode is all about my first retail jobs, the idiots I encountered, stupid coworkers, and the grossness of grocery stores.
(Stick around for some new Satan’s Basement at the end).



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