New Releases Coming Soon!

I’m extremely excited to announce two new releases recorded, mixed, and mastered in The Unrefined Jagoff Studios! Announced earlier this week is a new album from Wolftread, “Wings of the Ravaged,” coming soon to cassette/digital from Bad Moon Rising. Fans of Mysticum, Sabbat, Devil Master, and Satyricon will definitely enjoy this discordant, distorted, yet triumphantly… Continue reading New Releases Coming Soon!

New The Astronaut King music video/cassettes

In preparation for my new The Astronaut King album, Parasitic Overgrowth (coming May 29th), I made a music video. Basically, I chopped up the first public domain spaghetti western I could find, “It Can Be Done Amigo,” and edited it together like this: Also, forgot to mention on here, I ended up making a limited… Continue reading New The Astronaut King music video/cassettes

The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

2019 has really shaped up to be the year of a million half-finished projects: I recorded a handful of Satan’s Basement guitars and drums, wrote and illustrated part of a comic book so far, and have a handful of other music/podcast related things just kind of in limbo at the moment… But, I do have… Continue reading The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

OUT NOW! The Astronaut King – Divide By Zero Tolerance is up everywhere for download and streaming!
This is my first new release since the collab with Suffering Luna back a few years ago and my first full length in 6 years!
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Listen/purchase: Divide By Zero Tolerance by The Astronaut King New album is up NOW on Bandcamp, go buy/stream it now! Just a few more hours until it’s up on Spotify/iTunes/Google Play/Amazon! Divide By Zero Tolerance is the first new release for The Astronaut King since the collaboration with Suffering Luna for the split with Suffer… Continue reading

Might be a few more weeks until I’m able to make a new podcast episode, but I’m getting my old The Astronaut King and Satan’s Basement albums up on platforms like #spotify (use these pictures in the app) in preparation for some NEW ALBUMS COMING SOON!!
The Astronaut King – Divide By Zero Tolerance is coming May 30th and up for preorder (get two tracks on Bandcamp)!
Satan’s Basement – Appeal to Your Denial coming (tentatively) June 20th! (More info coming as I finish things up)
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