May 2023 Reading, Records, News & Playlist

May felt like a long and difficult month, but somehow ended in a blink. I was able to read a little more than I did last month, though! I think. This month I thought I’d try something different and post the covers for once. I really enjoyed Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi, it was… Continue reading May 2023 Reading, Records, News & Playlist

New Releases Coming Soon!

I’m extremely excited to announce two new releases recorded, mixed, and mastered in The Unrefined Jagoff Studios! Announced earlier this week is a new album from Wolftread, “Wings of the Ravaged,” coming soon to cassette/digital from Bad Moon Rising. Fans of Mysticum, Sabbat, Devil Master, and Satyricon will definitely enjoy this discordant, distorted, yet triumphantly… Continue reading New Releases Coming Soon!

The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top 10 (Well, 12) Albums of 2019.

I said I wasn’t going to do a Top Ten Albums of 2019 list, so here’s a Top Twelve Albums of 2019 list! -Memoriam – Requiem for Mankind-BlackQueen – The Destructive Cycle-Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light-Joey Molinaro – Tale of the Lovelorn Outlaw-Surfbort – Billy / You Don’t Exist-Alphanumeric – Condemnation… Continue reading The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top 10 (Well, 12) Albums of 2019.

New Music From October!

Two new notable releases out this week: Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency, and the debut self titled demo by Wolftread! As anyone that regularly reads my twitter posts may know, the new Satan’s Basement album started as a new single in February, and eventually expanded into a full album 6 months later. With… Continue reading New Music From October!

CrankPope – Solid States and Tiny Kicks out now!

After 5 years of sitting on it, the debut CrankPope album, Solid States and Tiny Kicks, is out now on Hildsvfar Records! The spaghetti western popes of sludgegrind played 3 concerts in 2014, recorded guitar and drums in 2015, and then I finally got around to recording vocals in January of 2019. The best I… Continue reading CrankPope – Solid States and Tiny Kicks out now!

Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency (10/30/19)

My excuse for my lack of new episodes and posts is that I’ve been working on a new Satan’s Basement album, Accused of Human Decency, for the last 7 months or so. Today, I’m announcing the release date as October 30th, and releasing the preview single off the album: “Designed to Lose” Accused of Human… Continue reading Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency (10/30/19)

Parasitic Overgrowth – Out Now!

The fifth full length The Astronaut King album, Parasitic Overgrowth, is available for streaming, download, and on cassette now from Hildsvfar Records! Get it now on Bandcamp (cassette/streaming/download), Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and whatever else there is out there now! Parasitic Overgrowth is an expansion on what was created in Divide By Zero Tolerance: it’s moody,… Continue reading Parasitic Overgrowth – Out Now!

The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

2019 has really shaped up to be the year of a million half-finished projects: I recorded a handful of Satan’s Basement guitars and drums, wrote and illustrated part of a comic book so far, and have a handful of other music/podcast related things just kind of in limbo at the moment… But, I do have… Continue reading The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

New The Astronaut King coming soon

COMING EARTH DAY (April 22): New The Astronaut King single/preview track “Parasitic Overgrowth,” off the new album that’s in the works. It’s an angry one, a very angry one. There’s one more song on the new album with vocals that’s a real downer. The rest are instrumental.

Well, it’s that time. I just wrote up my top albums of 2018, go check out The Unrefined Jagoff’s Top Albums of 2018 on my new and improved website (link in bio)!

Go check it out, maybe you’ll agree, maybe you’ll disagree, maybe you won’t know what anything is!

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