New Music From October!

Two new notable releases out this week: Satan’s Basement – Accused of Human Decency, and the debut self titled demo by Wolftread! As anyone that regularly reads my twitter posts may know, the new Satan’s Basement album started as a new single in February, and eventually expanded into a full album 6 months later. With… Continue reading New Music From October!

2018 – A Big Year for Hildsvfar Records!

2018 has been a productive year!For all of you out there making your Top 10 albums lists for 2018 already, check out the four albums I released this year and consider adding them to your list!Go listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Google… whatever you kids are using these days! Satan’s Basement – Appeal to Your… Continue reading 2018 – A Big Year for Hildsvfar Records!

Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness

Do you crave more Satan’s Basement? Do you have an insatiable taste for evil music? Do you want a large assortment of both those things AND an evil Christmas song?? Well, go download the newest collection of Satan’s Basement songs, “The Pit of Loneliness,” from Bandcamp (or iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)! It’s a collection of… Continue reading Satan’s Basement – The Pit of Loneliness