The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

2019 has really shaped up to be the year of a million half-finished projects: I recorded a handful of Satan’s Basement guitars and drums, wrote and illustrated part of a comic book so far, and have a handful of other music/podcast related things just kind of in limbo at the moment… But, I do have… Continue reading The Astronaut King – Parasitic Overgrowth (5/29)

New The Astronaut King coming soon

COMING EARTH DAY (April 22): New The Astronaut King single/preview track “Parasitic Overgrowth,” off the new album that’s in the works. It’s an angry one, a very angry one. There’s one more song on the new album with vocals that’s a real downer. The rest are instrumental.

Apparently I listened to my newest Astronaut King album way too much on @spotify this year.
Is it narcissism to listen to my own music regularly just because I like it?
I guess my plays are a bit different than last year, 🤷‍♂️guess this is my 2018?
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Might be a few more weeks until I’m able to make a new podcast episode, but I’m getting my old The Astronaut King and Satan’s Basement albums up on platforms like #spotify (use these pictures in the app) in preparation for some NEW ALBUMS COMING SOON!!
The Astronaut King – Divide By Zero Tolerance is coming May 30th and up for preorder (get two tracks on Bandcamp)!
Satan’s Basement – Appeal to Your Denial coming (tentatively) June 20th! (More info coming as I finish things up)
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New episode up NOW!
Episode 12 – Puke Tree is all about all of my concerts as The Astronaut King during college, particularly the ones my brother made… interesting.
Also I go off on another old man rant.
Go listen on #spotify #itunes #stitcher or whatever the hell else people use!
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