Timmy and The Acid Bath

“Timmy and the Acid Bath” was a children’s book I started and never finished in high school.
The assignment was to make a kid’s book, I started with this, and quickly switched to another story to avoid getting in trouble… again.
After my haiku “Napalm Factory” and poems about pooping, I was trying to avoid being sent to the guidance counselor.
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15 – Hiatus Episode

In this episode, I briefly return from my current hiatus to update you on the dumb moments in my life, ramble incoherently, talk about some of my new ideas, and… I don’t know, I just sort of improvised.

Also, previews of the new Satan’s Basement album – Appeal to Your Denial (out TODAY), and the new The Astronaut King album – Divide by Zero Tolerance!


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14 – AirHeads and Chicken Fists

Marking one year of Jagoffery, this episode is all about my first retail jobs, the idiots I encountered, stupid coworkers, and the grossness of grocery stores.


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13 – The Misadventures of King BeefNeck

Well, I’ve peaked. With an introduction from the legendary Karl Willetts of Memoriam/ex-Bolt Thrower, I talk about my brother and my past adventures in Baltimore at Maryland Death Fest VII, VIII and IX, other concerts I’ve been to, and CRANKPOPE!

Go preorder the new Memoriam album, The Silent Vigil, out March 23rd, 2018!


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12 – Puke Tree

This episode is all about the concerts I performed as The Astronaut King, and how Eric made one of them very… interesting.

Also, I go off on an old man rant.


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11 – Yuletide Jagoff

2017 is coming to a close, so this episode is all about Christmas, New Years Eve, a year end wrap up, and my Top 10 Albums. Things eventually get “real.” Happy Holidays!


New episode up now!